Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Question 1. What is Domain ?
Domain is a name that is required by a website. This is a name that identify a particular website. For example, – here is the domain.

Question 2. How can I register a Domain ?
A Domain can be registered through us. We register Domains through several international leading domain registerer like,, etc.

Question 3. What is Web Hosting ?
Web Hosting is a space that is required by a website. This is the space where all the files for a website is kept. Web Hosting has an IP (Internet Protocol) number, which needs to be connected to a domain for a website to be operated properly.

Question 4. How can I publish a website ?
First an unregistered domain needs to be registered, then a web hosting package have to be purchased, after that a website can be published on the internet.

Question 5. Does Web Hosting have E-mail addresses ?
Yes, Web Hosting have E-mail addresses. For example, for a domain E-mail addresses can be or or something else.

Question 6. Does Web Hosting have control panel ?
Yes, Web Hosting have control panel. We provide our clients with the latest version of the leading control panel, the cPanel. Through cPanel files for a website can be uploaded in the Web Hosting space, through cPanel websites can be published on the internet, through cPanel E-mail addresses can be accessed, through cPanel details of the visitors visiting websites can be seen, and many other important features can be accessed through cPanel.

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